New Smaller More Flexible OSD335x-SM System-In-Package

Octavo Systems Announces 40% Smaller SiP to OSD335x Family

OSD335x-SM on top of the OSD335xAustin, Texas (May 2, 2017) – Octavo Systems LLC (Octavo) today announced a new addition to its popular OSD335x family of System-In-Package (SiP) devices, the OSD335x-SM.  The OSD335x-SM, like the OSD335x, provides designers a platform to quickly create production-ready systems based on the Texas Instruments (TI) Sitara™ AM335x processor with an ARM® Cortex®-A8 core.  However, the OSD335x-SM offers this in a package that is 40% smaller than the original OSD335x and adds new functionality.

OSD335x-SM Block DiagramThe OSD335x-SM adds a 4KB EEPROM to the existing TI AM335x processor running up to 1GHz, TPS65217C power management IC (PMIC), TL5209 low-dropout (LDO) regulator, DDR3 memory, and passive components that are integrated into the original OSD335x.  The OSD335x-SM packs all of this functionality into a much smaller (21mm X 21mm) 256 ball BGA package.  The new OSD335x-SM not only removes the complexity of interfacing with DDR and power sequencing but also uses 60% less space than a comparable discrete design.

The OSD335x-SM also delivers new flexibility to the user who wants more control over their design.  Designers are now able to assign the I/O voltage levels and set the ADC voltage range allowing them to better tailor the device to their needs.  It also provides the designer with more options to control and monitor the power of the OSD335x by providing access to the PMIC’s analog multiplexing (mux) functionality that allows access to critical system voltages.

OSD335x-SM Optimized Pin Map LayoutThe OSD335x-SM also features a new highly optimized Pin Map. “The pin placement has been completely rethought to allow board designers to easily route all of the application signals from the BGA in a single layer,” explains Erik Welsh, Applications Engineering Manager for Octavo Systems. All the necessary application signals are placed in the outer three rows/columns of the BGA.  The OSD335x-SM uses the standard OSD335x 1.27mm ball pitch, allowing the outer three rows to be escaped using trace width and spacing of 0.15mm (6 mils).  Erik adds, “Having this ability makes routing a printed circuit board (PCB) a simple task and significantly reduces the cost of the PCB.”

“The OSD335x-SM is a welcome addition to our OSD335x family.  It is built for the designer that requires the most flexibility in a small footprint.  The new features really allow system designers to tailor the part to meet their specific needs while using the smallest possible form factor,” says Bill Heye, President of Octavo Systems. “We believe the OSD335x-SM is an excellent example of the many benefits of SiP technology”

The OSD335x-SM will be available in Q3 through Octavo’s distribution partners.  If you would like more information, please contact Octavo Systems at

Octavo Systems will have a booth at the Embedded Systems Conference on May 3rd and 4th at the Boston Convention Center.  Visit them at booth #1166 to get more information on the OSD335x-SM and the rest of the OSD335x family.

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