Industrial Rated OSD335x Devices Are Now Available!

OSD335x Industrial Rated

We are excited to announce that the industrial temperature rated (-40°C to 85°C Case) version of the OSD335x System-In-Package is now available! It can be ordered for immediate delivery through our distribution partners, Mouser and Digi-Key.

The OSD335x Industrial integrates the powerful 1GHz ARM® Cortex®-A8 Sitara™ processor from Texas Instruments, DDR3 memory, 2 power supplies and passives into a single, robust BGA package.  This integration removes the need for complicated DDR routing and power sequencing, speeding up the design cycle.  Integrating the bypass capacitors and other passives removes the need for components to be placed on the backside of the circuit board.  Removing the backside components simplifies the manufacturing process, especially when using through-hole components.  All together OSD335x Industrial is the easiest way to develop an Embedded Linux System for applications requiring a wide temperature range.

The Industrial Rated version of the OSD335x is footprint and software compatible with the established Commercial version (0°C to 85°C) of the OSD335x.  This means all the existing reference designs and development tools already support the new OSD335x Industrial device.  It also allows a design using the OSD335x Commercial version to easily be upgraded to an industrial rating with a simple BoM change.

The first industrial offering is the OSD3358-512M-IND which includes the TI AM3358 Sitara™ processor and 512MB of DDR3.  The suggested resale price for the OSD3358-512M-IND is $29.75 at 1,000-unit quantities.

With the release of the Industrial Rated OSD335x we are bringing the same ease of design, simplified manufacturing, and reduced size that the OSD335x has been offering to the general market to the more demanding applications.

New Lower Price for the OSD335x Commercial

Along with the release of the of the industrial temperature version of the OSD335x we have also lowered the price on the OSD335x commercial.  The suggested resale price for the OSD3358-512M-BAS at 1,000-unit quantities is now $25.00, down from $30.00.

With this new pricing, the OSD335x has solidified itself as the lowest cost Sitara™ based module. It also puts it on par with the equivalent discrete solution.  The new pricing combined with the savings in design time, the simplified supply chain, and easier manufacturing makes the OSD335x one of the best values for building an Embedded Linux system.

For more information on either the Industrial or Commercial version of the OSD335x please contact us.


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