The board I built with the OSD335x will not boot Linux images from What do I do?

Linux images from require EEPROM to be programmed with a board ID. The following solutions can be used to overcome this issue:

1. Bypass the checks in the bootloader (u-boot)

2. Use Robert Nelson’s patch to create u-boot that will boot and allow you to program the EEPROM: In u-boot apply the patch:

u-boot also uses a device tree that you might need to modify. You should find the u-boot device tress in ./arch/arm/dts It is useful to look through the 0001-am335x_evm-uEnv.txt-bootz-n-fixes.patch patch from Robert Nelson (see since this patch modifies device trees and can point you to important directories in u-boot.

A more detailed explanation of the above options can be found in this forum post.