Faster, Easier, Smaller Designs – Let’s discuss yours at ESC

Faster Design, Less Effort, More Cost Effective – We are excited to talk to you about getting more from your designs with our System-In-Package (SiP) Technology at the 2017 Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley.  Join Octavo Systems at booth 1433 in the San Jose Convention Center, December 5-7, 2017. We’ll be showcasing applications from industrial control to data monitoring to low cost Linux computers like the PocketBeagle®, all facilitated by the tiny OSD335x SiP.

Our Systems and Applications Manager, Erik Welsh, will also be hosting a deep dive session on the benefits of designing with a SiP, Wednesday, December 5, 4pm-4:45pm in room 210CG System-In-Package Technology: Enabling Quicker, Easier &; Cost Effective Embedded Linux Systems.

Not going to the Embedded Systems Conference but are in the Bay Area and want to talk to us?  That is great!  Please contact us through the online form and we will work out a time to get together.

See you soon in Silicon Valley!

Houston, We Have Forums!

We have officially launched our forums!  We are excited to provide a place for our community to ask questions, get answers, and exchange ideas.  Our team has been looking for better ways to engage more directly with our customers.  We believe these forums will provide a platform for that. (Read More…)

PocketBeagle® Featuring The OSD335x-SM

PocketBeagle® is here!® has released its newest board based on the OSD3358-512M-BSM System-In-Package (SiP).  PocketBeagle® is the smallest and lowest cost solution in the popular BeagleBoard family.  At only $25 and about 1.4in X 2.17in (35mm X 55mm), PocketBeagle® is a powerful Linux computer in a small, low cost footprint. (Read More…)



OSD335x Family of Devices

Austin, Texas (September 19, 2017) – Octavo Systems LLC (Octavo) announced the production release and immediate availability of its highly anticipated OSD335x-SM System-In-Package (SiP) device.  The OSD335x-SM, like the entire OSD335x family, integrates the Texas Instruments (TI) Sitara™ AM335x processor with an ARM® Cortex®-A8 core running at 1GHz, DDR3 memory, a TPS65217C power management IC (PMIC), a TL5209 low-dropout (LDO) regulator, and passive components into a single wide pitch (1.27mm) BGA package.  The OSD335x-SM enhances this integration by adding EEPROM as well and reducing the package size by 40%. (Read More…)

Smaller and Cheaper PCBs enabled by System-In-Package Technology.


Today’s embedded designers face more challenges in terms of design complexity, cycle time and target size.  System-In-Package (SiP) devices, such as the OSD335x Family, bring many advantages when designing and building an embedded system.

One significant advantage of using a SiP device is the amount of printed circuit board (PCB) space that can be saved versus using hundreds of discrete components. To understand this advantage, let us examine the amount of space required by the OSD335x devices and the discrete components that make up an equivalent system.  (Read More…)

Industrial Rated OSD335x Devices Are Now Available!

OSD335x Industrial Rated

We are excited to announce that the industrial temperature rated (-40°C to 85°C Case) version of the OSD335x System-In-Package is now available! It can be ordered for immediate delivery through our distribution partners, Mouser and Digi-Key. (Read More…)

PCB Assembly Cost Savings – Another Benefit of System-In-Package


One of the key benefits delivered by System-In-Package (SiP) technology is the savings realized in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly process.  This is a benefit that is commonly overlooked by designers on the front end.  Typically, they only look at the cost of the individual components on the Bill of Material (BOM) and don’t consider the cost of assembly.  With System-In-Package technology, the number of components that need be placed during the assembly process can be significantly reduced.  This reduction decreases the component set up time and actual time spent on the Pick and Place machine. Simultaneously driving down the assembly cost and the total cost of the finished product. (Read More…)

Hand Assembly of PocketBone using the OSD3358

This article was guest written by Michael Welling, the developer of the KiCad PocketBone Design.  Michael is an Embedded Design Engineer with over 10 years of experience.  He owns an electronic design consulting firm, QWERTY Embedded Design, LLC.  He has an MS in Electrical Engineering, was an instructor at SIUC and a 12-year member of IEEE.  He is also a mentor for Google Summer of Code.

In the previous blog, the origin story and design process of the PocketBone were discussed. This edition talks about the process of gathering components and assembling the units at home by hand.

(Read More…)

Robots, Games, IoT, and Tiny Computers – Example Applications from the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston


Last week was a busy one.  We started off the week by announcing the newest member of the OSD335x family, the OSD335x-SM.  This new device has even more integration than the OSD335x but in a package that is 40% smaller with an easy to route ball map.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for the week, a group of us also made a trip to Boston to attend the Embedded Systems Conference.  We met a lot of interesting engineers and designers that were excited to see how System-In-Package (SiP) technology could help with their designs.  While we were there we showed off some applications powered by the OSD335x SiP.  We also highlighted the wide range of development platforms that are available today.  For those of you that couldn’t visit us in Boston, here is a recap of what we showed:

(Read More…)

New Smaller More Flexible OSD335x-SM System-In-Package

Octavo Systems Announces 40% Smaller SiP to OSD335x Family

OSD335x-SM on top of the OSD335xAustin, Texas (May 2, 2017) – Octavo Systems LLC (Octavo) today announced a new addition to its popular OSD335x family of System-In-Package (SiP) devices, the OSD335x-SM.  The OSD335x-SM, like the OSD335x, provides designers a platform to quickly create production-ready systems based on the Texas Instruments (TI) Sitara™ AM335x processor with an ARM® Cortex®-A8 core.  However, the OSD335x-SM offers this in a package that is 40% smaller than the original OSD335x and adds new functionality. (Read More…)

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