Legacy Reference Designs

This page contains depreciated reference designs for completeness and historical reference.  All of the reference designs here were functioning reference designs.  However they have been replaced by new designs that better reflect the current best practices for designing with Octavo System’s Devices.  If you are starting a new design please use the reference design located on the product page.

Note:  All reference designs are provided as is and without warranty.

Legacy OSD335x SBC Reference Design

This was the original reference design for the OSD3358, released with the device. It was done in Orcad.


OSD3358 SBC Reference Design

In order to help get you started using the OSD335x we, in partnership with BeagleBoard.org, have created a reference design around the OSD3358-512M-BAS.  The reference design is a Single Board Computer that is compatible with BeagleBone Black ecosystem.  This reference design will run the BeagleBone Linux distributions and is also compatible with all capes.  If created exactly it will perform like a BeagleBone Black.  This is a reference design only.  The boards are not available to purchase.

Replaced By:

OSD3358 SBC Reference Design A2 – Found on the OSD335x Product Page

OSD3358 SBC Reference Design Schematics (PDF) | Version: B | March 03, 2016
OSD3358 SBC Reference Design OrCad Files (RAR) | Version: B | March 03, 2016